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91Axx Game theory {Info & Stats}

  • 91A05 2-person games
  • 91A06 $n$-person games, $n>2$
  • 91A10 Noncooperative games
  • 91A12 Cooperative games
  • 91A13 Games with infinitely many players
  • 91A15 Stochastic games
  • 91A18 Games in extensive form
  • 91A20 Multistage and repeated games
  • 91A22 Evolutionary games
  • 91A23 Differential games [See also 49N70]
  • 91A24 Positional games (pursuit and evasion, etc.) [See also 49N75]
  • 91A25 Dynamic games
  • 91A26 Rationality, learning
  • 91A28 Signaling, communication
  • 91A30 Utility theory for games [See also 91B16]
  • 91A35 Decision theory for games [See also 62Cxx, 91B06, 90B50]
  • 91A40 Game-theoretic models
  • 91A43 Games involving graphs [See also 05C57]
  • 91A44 Games involving topology or set theory
  • 91A46 Combinatorial games
  • 91A50 Discrete-time games
  • 91A55 Games of timing
  • 91A60 Probabilistic games; gambling [See also 60G40]
  • 91A65 Hierarchical games
  • 91A70 Spaces of games
  • 91A80 Applications of game theory
  • 91A90 Experimental studies
  • 91A99 None of the above, but in this section