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49Kxx Optimality conditionsNecessary conditions and sufficient conditions for optimality {Info & Stats}

  • 49K05 Free problems in one independent variable
  • 49K10 Free problems in two or more independent variables
  • 49K15 Problems involving ordinary differential equations
  • 49K20 Problems involving partial differential equations
  • 49K21 Problems involving relations other than differential equations
  • 49K22 Problems involving integral equations
  • 49K24 Problems involving differential inclusions [See also 34A60]
  • 49K25 Problems involving equations with retarded arguments [See also 34K35]
  • 49K27 Problems in abstract spaces [See also 90C48, 93C25]
  • 49K30 Optimal solutions belonging to restricted classes
  • 49K35 Minimax problems
  • 49K40 Sensitivity, stability, well-posedness [See also 90C31]
  • 49K45 Problems involving randomness [See also 93E20]
  • 49K99 None of the above, but in this section