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16Sxx Rings and algebras arising under various constructions {Info & Stats}

  • 16S10 Rings determined by universal properties (free algebras, coproducts, adjunction of inverses, etc.)
  • 16S15 Finite generation, finite presentability, normal forms (diamond lemma, term-rewriting)
  • 16S20 Centralizing and normalizing extensions
  • 16S30 Universal enveloping algebras of Lie algebras [See mainly 17B35]
  • 16S32 Rings of differential operators [See also 13N10, 32C38]
  • 16S34 Group rings [See also 20C05, 20C07], Laurent polynomial rings
  • 16S35 Twisted and skew group rings, crossed products
  • 16S36 Ordinary and skew polynomial rings and semigroup rings [See also 20M25]
  • 16S37 Quadratic and Koszul algebras
  • 16S38 Rings arising from non-commutative algebraic geometry [See also 14A22]
  • 16S40 Smash products of general Hopf actions [See also 16W3016T05]
  • 16S50 Endomorphism rings; matrix rings [See also 15-XX]
  • 16S60 Rings of functions, subdirect products, sheaves of rings
  • 16S70 Extensions of rings by ideals
  • 16S80 Deformations of rings [See also 13D10, 14D15]
  • 16S85 Rings of fractions and localizations [See also 13B30]
  • 16S90 Maximal ring of quotients, tTorsion theories,; radicals on module categories [See also 13D30, 18E40] {For radicals of rings, see 16Nxx}
  • 16S99 None of the above, but in this section