This CD contains a personal copy of the final public draft of MSC2010, the revision of the Mathematical Sciences Classification produced jointly by the editorial staffs of Mathematical Reviews (MR) and Zentralblatt für Mathematik (Zbl) in consultation with the mathematical community. You will find the MSC2010 in several versions.

This last version, in addition to being a copy of the MSC2010, is also a personal web portal to Mathematics. This may be annotated by personal notes and has links to the AMS home page, MathSciNet, and Zentralblatt für Mathematik. It also provides links to alternative mathematics related classification schemes, and to the AMS Math on the Web site.

In addition to the MSC2010, this CD contains some other information, namely a copy of the MR Guide for Reviewers, the list of Serials covered my MR, and a pamphlet on the the history of Mathematical Reviews.

Finally, the CD contains copies of some Mathematics Awareness materials from the AMS:

  • Mathematical Moments a collection of one-page articles in PDF highlighting applications of mathematics.
  • Printable Posters a collection of posters to encourage students to become interested in Mathematics.