Mathematics Subject Classification MSC2010

The Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) underwent a general revision, with some additions and changes, and corrections of existing errors, thus creating MSC2010 as a successor to the previous MSC2000. Mathematical Reviews (MR) and Zentralblatt für Mathematik (Zbl) carefully considered all feedback and used it in preparing their joint MSC revision.

The Final MSC2010 revision made public here in May 2009, and deployed in production in July 2009 by

The drafts were publicly developed using a MediaWiki at this site, namely the MSCwiki. This will remain open for public view. PDF forms of the current MSC and derived lists are there. There is also available an interactive TiddlyWiki version of the MSC2010. In addition there is material in SKOS and other derived forms.

Comments and suggestions may still be made using an interactive form, but only simple errors can now be fixed. Larger issues will have to be considered later as revision to a succeeding MSC2020 takes place.

A final Third Public Working Draft was finished in July 2008, a Second Public Working Draft in March 2008, and the First Public Working Draft was published in January 2008. There was an interactive TiddlyWiki form of the Third Public Working Draft of the MSC2010. On this site one may also view the contents of a CD of the Final Public Working Draft distributed at the North American Joint Winter Mathematics Meetings in Washington DC, 5-9 January 2009.